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Bluestone is a volcanic rock used extensively during the 1850s in Victoria. Because it was heavy and difficult to carve, it was predominantly used for warehouses, the foundations of homes and public buildings, cobblestone roads as well as walls, bridges, curbs and gutters.

Hoobler Stone bluestone provides a cost effective alternative to achieve that wonderful olde world look. It comes as pitchers, mix (oblong shapes in a range of sizes) and foundation stones from 300mm through to 900mm and is perfect for period home restorations and reproductions.

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Buller Stone is based on the natural stone found in the Mt Buller region of Victoria. With rust and ironstone tonings, this chunky granite stone is a very popular choice for domestic, commercial and landscaping projects.

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Burnt Umber

Burnt Umber Stone has been in the Hoobler Stone range for many years. Predominantly characterised by its charcoal greys, Burnt Umber works well with many of the colour schemes used in the building industry today. It comes in a mix of random and spalls and is a smaller, flatter stone than some of the others in our range.

burnt umber
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Colonial Brown

Colonial Brown Random Mix has been a favourite in the Hoobler Stone range since the company began producing stone in the 1970's. A classic stone in warms browns, it works extremely well with a wide range of colour schemes. Colonial Brown is made up of 4 different textures and shapes - random, spalls, bush and lava.

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Goldfields Stone has captured the rich, golden shades of the natural stone found in Central Victoria. This stone can be laid as a stack stone or with a mortar joint.

Goldfields NEW
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Hotham Stone was designed on the beautiful Mt Hotham Stone native to the high country in Victoria. A warm, rich, smooth look is created by blending numerous colours in the manufacturing process. Hotham Stone will add a touch of class to your next building project.

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Red Hill

Red Hill was introduced into the Hoobler Stone range in 2008. Native to the Red Hill area in Victoria, Red Hill has a blend of flat and rough textured surfaces and will add a welcoming feel to your project.

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Sandstone is another classic stone that has been in the Hoobler Stone range since production began in Australia. Available in Pitchers and Mix (a mixture of formal shapes and sizes), Sandstone provides a formal, uniform look to your project.

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Sorrento Stone

The beautiful white-washed look of Sorrento Stone was created in 2009 to provide a clean, limestone alternative for building projects. Based on natural stone found in Sorrento on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria, Sorrento Stone is equally at home in modern or olde world settings.

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Tassie Bush

The Highlands and Lakes of Tasmania were the inspiration for Tassie Bush Stone. A big chunky stone in tones of olive, brown, clay, white and charcoal, Tassie Bush Stone can be mixed with Hotham to further enhance the blend of earthy colours.

tassie bush
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