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Hoobler Stone is a unique, hand-crafted, flat backed, locally manufactured stone that has been in production in Australia since the early 1970s. Every piece of stone is individually coloured, ensuring that no two pieces of stone are the same. Hundreds of natural shapes and sizes make up each type of stone in the Hoobler Stone range. 90° corner stones are available for all styles and 135° corner stones are available for most styles.

Renowned and respected in the building and landscaping industries for its natural, authentic look, as well as its ability to weather the harsh Australian climate, Hoobler Stone has proven its quality and durability with the test of time. Plus, with products being made locally in Australia, you can rest easy knowing extra stone can be produced if you choose to build again in the future or add stone to your existing project.

We invite you to peruse our site, see some of the work we’ve done, be inspired and reach out to us online to start a conversation on how we can build your dream. Visit one of our displays so you can touch, feel and share your dream with us. We can even email you our Victorian viewing lists so you can drive past a sample of our completed projects.

We locally manufacture unique hand-made stone products for you, for life.

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What our clients say

Our business is built around our clients, and the feedback when the job is done is outstanding. Here’s a sample of what they wanted to share.

"I cannot believe the large number of people walking & driving past that stop and actually make comment on our stone walls. These feature stone walls were my dream from 4 years ago and the completed works have now realised my dream to full satisfaction. Our stone walls could not be any better. Thanking you again for your fantastic product and achieving a great result in the laying of the stone to provide an everlasting feature, which has made a real focal point to our project.
All the very best.”

- Regards Vic Lepore Reservoir Vic
“We are impressed with the customer service and products provided by Hoobler Stone, which has been used for projects at Caroline Springs. Hoobler Stone is a quality product at an affordable price.”

- Luke Norden, Landscape Architect & Manager, Delfin Lend Lease Caroline Springs VIC
“We are very pleased that we used Hoobler stone on the extensions to our house 10 years ago. Your product created an amazing look for our house. We love it. Hoobler stone is extremely durable and today, 10 years later, looks just as good as the day it was installed. The whole service starting with your advice on colour selection, choice of installer, on time supply of product and finally installation was among the best we have experienced. Thank you for helping us create a wonderful home.”

- Best regards, Alison and Graham Andrew Gembrook VIC

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